Hypostatic Union (NFTs)


Hypostatic Union is the first piece in a series of generative motion designs that illustrate beautiful moments in Scripture.

Art has been inspired by divine imagery for millennia. In this series, Mike Vance carries this tradition into the era of crypto art by generating motion graphics from sound-bytes of Scripture.

Hypostatic Union refers to Jesus being both perfectly human and perfectly divine. This piece illustrates John 11:35 (ESV), "Jesus wept."

It is essential to the Christian faith to recognize Jesus as a divine savior. But it is equally essential to see Him as a human who felt pain and faced temptation.

Artist: Mike Vance

Reserve Price: .4 ETH

Marketplace: foundation.app

Upcoming Works

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Father of Lights

Process / Method

Each text is recorded as an audio file, which is then mapped to various visual parameters. The final work is a blend of generative elements and artistic choice.